I know this to be the start of many more such excuses. So the excuse for the three weeks of absence now…

College Fest.

The first week was practice. I came home late everyday, spending almost 14 hours outside daily. The second week was the actual matches. As I was in two teams, that made 2 days for one sport ( we lost in the semis) and 3 days for another (we reached the finals, and almost won, but didn’t). The third week, this week was the 3-day fest of our college. Events were organised, competitions were conducted, dances, skits, short films, talent shows, celebrity nights… there was so much in this one week!

Well that’s that. Back to routine from tomorrow.

Does that mean posting continuously? I honestly don’t know. Because this semester has just 2 weeks left and I have to 2 mini projects, along with 7 assignments and don’t get me started on the quizzes which start 5 days from today.

All I can say, I’ll try my best because it’s all I can do right now.