So during the first week, there was this poem competition. The topic given was ‘Hope in Troubled Times’. I took the Greed/Hope? poem I wrote before and added extra layers and submitted it. Here it is:

Oh ye invisible hope
In my dire situation nowhere to be seen
But I know you to be there
Like a dog in a city dying of thirst
Knowing it will get water but just not where

Oh ye enticing hope
Rearing your head slowly but surely
Beckoning me forward with your promise
Like a water tank slowly rolling
Passing the dog by, splashing water such that it could not miss

Oh ye reviving hope
rejuvenating with new vigour
Setting me on a path, the only one you show
Like the do replenishing its strength
Slurping the splashing water, going where the tank go

Oh ye seemingly endless hope
Oh ye intoxicating hope
I reached my goal but you;re still here
Like the dog now no longer thirsty
But still seeing the tank, trapped in hope’s lair

Oh ye bewitching hope
Because you;re still there
I moved farther than the path you set out, led by greed
Like the dog still lapping up 
Following the tank out of the city, irrelevant of its need

Oh ye universal hope
You are for me as you are for everyone
I a fool did not see this and now I can only watch
Like the dog dumbstruck and frightened
At the sudden swarm of humans attaching buckets to latch

Oh ye vanishing hope
Now I see you are limited and I fight
But there’s nothing I can do as they tear you away from me
Like the dog going around, barking at the tank
And the humans, helplessly seeing water from the tank go free

Oh ye abandoned hope
Oh ye cruel hope
I stand alone I know not where; wrought
Like the dog now under the sun
Slowly realising it’s now marooned in a land of drought

And then comes the reaching hand
Reaching me in my tunnel like light
Like the truck going to the city
And I know it’s you and I start again
Oh ye phoenix hope