It’s been exactly one and a half month since I published my last post, the sixth chapter of The Boy Who Heard Death novella. 

I had a legitimate excuse till May 22nd which marked the end of my semester final exams. From then on I had no real excuse for not writing a thing. I just got engrossed in so many other activities, all new and dazzling that I kind of forgot about writing. 

Sure, I had periods where I would think of sitting the heck down for one damn hour and just type. But these would pass and all my other new interests would remain.

I kept aside my novels. I watched TV series (The Flash and Lost), binge watched actually, went out to play and injured myself doing so every other day and just went on with the flow of holidays. 

Till today. A friend of mine started his blog just 3 days back and he posted his third post today. And reading that post made me come to my senses. It made me want to read more, write something. A good read does that to you. Inspires you. Makes you want to create something that amazing yourself. 

And I realised once again: how many ever activities I participate in, how many ever interests I have, reading will always be my number one. There is no beating it. It is the only one that truly, truly makes me happy, inspires me to do something, be someone. 

So here’s a cheers to all avid readers out there.

P.S. That post was so good that it made me sit down and write out the rest of the story I’m currently writing in points. It’s all done now. The story is set in stone. All I have to do is type it now. And I sure as hell hope that I wouldn’t again dole out excuses for inactivity.