At last! I’ve finally published the seventh chapter of my novella in Cell Novels.

Now I said before that the story was set in stone. All the events, all the conversations, everything… I wrote them in a book and started typing according to it. If I had followed that book, this seventh chapter would have finished in like 600-700 words.

But the same curious thing happened again! Words started to come to my mind automatically, conversations began to expand and situations began to change. Though everything was set in stone, it was hard to follow it, easy to ignore it.

There’s something there when you actually type out your own story. Something which doesn’t come out when you just think about it; something which is pulled out by active work.

And that feeling is great! You’re onto something! You’re on a flow, riding the wave, living the moment!

It may be indulgence, or not, but that feeling is what makes your writing more complete, more you.

That feeling is what makes one write more.